David Bruce, son of Paul Bruce, has been in the hobby for pretty much all of his life, due to his father being a long time collector. David himself has amassed a fine collection of Australian wine bottles, and shares his father’s passion for Australian patent bottles. David has in the past served several years as Secretary of the Victorian Bottle and Collectables Association. He remains fascinated by bottles and spends countless hours researching the companies that produced and used the objects of his obsession. The work that goes into this great website shows a true passion for the hobby, which will be maintained and built on for ABCR Auctions.

Travis Dunn, son of Russell Dunn, was afflicted with the bottle bug from the moment he could walk. His late father, Russell, and mother, June, were both keen collectors who were actively involved in the hobby from their early days in Melbourne, Victoria. This included many years as editor of the Antique Bottle Club of Melbourne newsletter. Later, Travis would become editor of this newsletter of his own accord. In 1999, Russell, June and Travis took over publication of the Australian Bottle and Collectables Review from Ken Arnold, with Travis and June continuing the publication after the passing of Russell. Travis’ combined passion for producing a great publication with great photographs will assist here in providing the viewing pleasure that you all deserve.

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