Carton, Elphin St., Newport, Williamstown milk bottle.


Carton Newport Pint Milk Bottle

Lists of Telephone subscribers in the Williamstown Chronicle from at least 1918-1923 has T. Carton with the number 347.

Advertisement, Williamstown Chronicle 30th July 1932:
The customers dealing with the Carton Milk Supply, Elphin-st., Newport, are satisfied, and to be satisfied these depressed times is to be contented. The milk supplied by the Carton Dairy is of superior quality (the best available). There is no necessity to advertise our milk supply, because satisfied customers tell others of our super-quality milk. Cartons deliver Western District butter daily, with milk, if required. Try Cartons for milk and butter. Elphin-street, Newport. 'Phone Williamstown 347.

Council Notes: Building & Public Health Committee, Williamstown Chronicle 3rd July 1937
That with respect to the communication from Mr T. Carton, of 2 Elphin street, Newport, relative to a sample of milk which did not comply with the standard, legal proceedings be not taken against Mr Carton for this offence in view of the circumstances, but that he be warned of the necessity of complying with the provisions of the Health Act in future.