Lot 62: Beer. Grand Hotel, Mildura. Amber. 26 oz. (Victoria)

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Sold for A$170

Grand Hotel / Mildura / (Around base) This bottle remains the property of the Mildura Grand Hotel Limited. Base: Modern AGM Monogram / F53 / M (impressed D16). (Victoria). Beer. Crown Seal. Champagne shape. Seam through lip. Amber. 26 oz. 298 mm. 1937

Very Good. (7.9). Polished. Very nicely cleaned with some scratches and minor marks remaining. Main embossing is great, embossing around the base is weak but looks like it has always been this way. A really nice looking bottle.. Estimate: $100-150
Beer. Grand Hotel, Mildura. Amber. 26 oz. (Victoria)
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