Lot 65: Watson Scott Melbourne Reliance Patent Bottle

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Watson & Scott / (Australian Coat of Arms) / Melbourne // Reliance Patent / 4 / Sole Makers / Dan Rylands Ld / Barnsley. No base mark. (Victoria) Aerated Water Codd Applied top. Reliance Patent with two side neck lugs. Aqua. 13 oz. 231 mm. 1890s

Poor. This has had the top stuck on from the bottom of the applied lip. The lip is a little darker than the bottle. The bottle has been polished with some scratches remaining as well as some fisheyes and impact marks. A bit of haze under the base. A few tiny discoloured bubbles at the surface. Embossing is a little rounded, but probably better than normal for one of these. A great looking bottle, this are quite hard to get in good condition. This is a decent gap filler. Grade: 0 Estimate: $50 - 75
Watson Scott Melbourne Reliance Patent Bottle
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