Lot 1005: Antique Old Clay Pipes

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Sold for A$85

Three complete clay pipes: 1. Crescent Moon. 2. Striped stem with a basket weave type pattern to bowl. 3. Pair of people on either side. Tobacciana Pipe Selection of complete clay pipes. 1. 122 mm long. 2. 117 mm long. 3. 122 mm.. 1860s-1900s

1. Very Good. Some rust stain. A bit of wear and a little flake or two to the bowl rim. Some discolouration. 2. Excellent. A little discolouration. Little in the way of other marks except for some making marks. 3. Good. Knob on bottom has chipped off. Some discolouration. Some scratches and minor marks. Grade: N/A Estimate: $50 - 75
Antique Old Clay Pipes
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