Lot 1013: Antique Australian Wine Spirit Bottles

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Four Australian Wine/Spirit Bottles: 1. Hans Irvine / (Floral Bouquet) / Gt Western Vineyard. Base mark: M. (Victoria) 2. Imperial / This bottle is the / Property of / Wildmans / Wine & Spirit Stores / Brunswick // Pin. Smooth base. 3. M. A. Wildman / 432 Sydney Rd / Brunswick. Smooth base. (Victoria) 4. This bottle is / the property of / J. M. Seward & Co // (Inverted Horse Shoe). Base Mark: AGM. (Western Australia) Wine Various 1. Applied top, tooled finish. Green. 13 oz. 2. Oval section. Spun on type top. Aqua. 1 Pint. 3. Pocket Flask. Spun finished top. Aqua. 5 oz. 4. Applied top, tooled finish. Crecent moon shaped flask type bottle. Amber. 6 oz. 250 - 156 mm. 1900s-1920s

1. Good. Has a hard tar like substance internally, with a couple of spots externally as well. A few shallow open bubbles to base edge, a larger surface bubble to lower rear body. Little impact scratch to lower front. Some other scratches and scuffs including a few deeper ones. 17 mm line behind trade mark appears to be a fracture on the inside only. Heaps of airbubbles. 2. Good. Crude fold in rear lip. There is an angled fracture running along the upper lip over about 25 mm from this. 10 mm fracture down the lip below this is only part way into the glass. 18 x 9 mm mark near rear base is part lump, part flake, this is a making mark. Burst bubble to first I of Imperial has let some dirt in. Stained with some scuffs and scratches. Quite hard to get, this is the first small one we have sold. 3. Very Good. Stained throughout. Inclusion, no associated damage. Some scuffs and scratches. 4. Very Good. JM Seward & Co were in Bazaar Terrace, Perth. They supplied all manner of alcoholic liqueurs, champagne, sherry, brandy, whisky - the list goes on. This bottle could have held any one of those. The curved shape lends itself to curving around ones body, and so this may well have been a form of hip flask. Little impact and flake near the JM at the bottom corner. Some inner dirt and stain. Impact to base edge on rounded side. Impact under base on rounded side too. Some grime. Some scratches and the odd scuff mark. A few tiny impact marks. Grade: N/A Estimate: $50 - 70
Antique Australian Wine Spirit Bottles
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