Lot 152: Old Vintage Crown Seal Soft Drink Bottles

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Sold for A$27

Pair of Devonport 10 ounce crown seals: 1. Phillips & Son. 2. Edwards & Sons. (Tasmania) Aerated Water Crown Seal 1. Machine made. Aqua. 10 oz. 2. Machine made. Clear. 10 oz. 1. 226 mm. 2. 227 mm.. 1940s-1950s

1. Very Good. Some light dullness. Some scratches and little scuff marks. A few little impact marks. Very heavily embossed for one of these, there are a few little nicks to the embossing. 2. Very Good. A bit scratched around the shoulder. A few spots of wear to the embossing. Some minor dullness. A nice pair of bottles. Grade: N/A Estimate: $20 - 40
Old Vintage Crown Seal Soft Drink Bottles
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