Lot 153: Abbott's Tasmania Green Crown Seal Bottles

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Sold for A$60

Pair of green 13 ounce Abbott's crown seals: 1. Abbott's / Tasmania. Base Mark: A. 2. Abbott's / Tasmania // (Phoenix) / Trade Mark / Registered / This bottle is / the property of / M. E. Abbott and / must be returned. Base: A. (Tasmania) Aerated Water Crown Seal Both applied top, tooled finish. Green. 13 oz. 1. 236 mm. 2. 237 mm.. 1910s

1. Very Good. Chip to front outer lip has a small surface fracture from it. Flake to inner left lip. May have been oiled. A few nicks to the embossing. Lovely whittled glass. A nice dark forest green colour. 2. Very Good. May have been oiled. Deep scratch is pitted and flaked near the first A of Tasmania towards the rear base, this has flaked the A as well. Some scratches and the odd scuff mark. Generally very nice embossing. A lovely deep green, a little brighter than the non pictorial version. Grade: N/A Estimate: $50 - 75
Abbott's Tasmania Green Crown Seal Bottles
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