Lot 172: Lilydale Aerated Waters Antique Screw Stopper Bottle

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Sold for A$40

Lilydale Aerated Water Company / (Fern Tree) / Trade Mark / Pty Ltd / Lilydale / 1 // This bottle is the property / of Lilydale / Aerated Water Co Pty Ltd / and cannot be legally / used by others. Base Mark: AGM. (Victoria) Aerated Water Internal Thread Machine made. Aqua. 26 oz. 257 mm. 1930s

Very Good. Nibble to rear lip is pretty much only on the pronounced upper lip seam. Some grime which should soak off. A few scratches. One or two tiny nicks. A few fine scuffs. Surface bubble or two. Really nice example of this early machine top internal thread, not sure we have offered one of these with the AGM only base mark in large letters. Grade: 7.8 Estimate: $30 - 50
Lilydale Aerated Waters Antique Screw Stopper Bottle
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