Lot 176: Antique Old Internal Thread Bottles

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Pair of internal threads: 1. Frankston Springs Co / Reg / Trade (Serpent) Mark / Melbourne. Base Mark: Triangle. 2. Barrett Bros. / Trade (BB) Mark / North Fitzroy // This bottle is not complete / without the stopper. Base Mark: M. Original label: Barrett's / Conforms with / Pure Foods Act / Superior / Lime Juice & Soda / Factory 43-45 Holden St / Nth Fitzroy / (illegible). (Victoria) Aerated Water Internal Thread 1. Applied top, tooled finish. Aqua. 26 oz. 2. Applied top, tooled finish. Aqua. 26 oz. 1. 254 mm. 2. 258 mm.. 1910s

1. Very Good. This has the original stopper in place. Stained, this has been oiled. Impact flake to the trade mark. Nibbled flakes around the base heel. Scuffs and scratches scattered around. Some impacts and fisheyes. Unusual with the triangle base mark. 2. Very Good. Has an original flat wooden stopper in place which is hard to get itself. The label is not one I have seen before either! Chip to upper rear lip. Dark impact flake to front right shoulder. Some minor crate wear to a few of the letters which are very heavy. Some fisheyes. Some inner base residue staining that will clean out. Some scratches and the odd scuff mark. Some weird surface effect from making near the base. The label is solid, but stained, the left side is missing and a section near the base is missing. Grade: N/A Estimate: $50 - 75
Antique Old Internal Thread Bottles
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