Lot 28: Rosel Echuca Antique Codd Marble Bottle

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Sold for A$280

A. Rosel / Millewa Factory / Echuca // (Aboriginal man with Shield and Boomerang, Rural scene). Base: 9026 / C. S. & Co Ld. (Victoria) Aerated Water Codd Dobson or Four way type. Applied top. Aqua. 10 oz. 222 mm. 1890s

Very Good. Quite scuffed and scratched down the writing side, but nothing overly deep. A tiny surface bruise near the shoulder on this side. A small spot of surface wear or two. Some other scratches and scuffs scattered around. Little impact nibbled surface flake to upper side neck. A few shallow flakes and some nibbles to the heavy embossing. Trade mark is great, just a spot of nibbled wear to the boomerang, the rest is near unmarked. Quite scarce in this English made variety. Grade: 7.5 Estimate: $200 - 250
Rosel Echuca Antique Codd Marble Bottle
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