Lot 41: Ice Volcanic Prahran Antique Codd Bottle

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Sold for A$1,300

Ice / Volcanic / Aerated / Waters Co / Prahran / Depot / Trade (Volcano) Mark / Regtd. Base Mark: M. (Victoria) Aerated Water Codd Applied top. Four way pour Dobson style patent with four dimples. Aqua. 13 oz. 235 mm. 1900s

Good. Polished. There was a chip at the front shoulder that has been expertly ground out and reshaped to make it pretty close impossible to see, you can just see the remains of some work but only on magnification really. Small lip split from making. Scattered fisheyes and impact marks, nothing too deep though. Some scratches and minor marks. Strong embossing has some nicks and high point wear, but is really good in general. This is a great looking example which should actually grade higher. A very rare bottle! Grade: 6.6 Estimate: $500 - 750
Ice Volcanic Prahran Antique Codd Bottle
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