Lot 48: Lamplough Cowra Antique Codd Marble Bottle

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Lamplough Bros / Cowra. Base: Backwards S / 804. (New South Wales) Aerated Water Codd Dobson or four way type. Aqua. Spun finished top. 10 oz. 230 mm. 1910s

Very Good. Some light spotty inner haze, at least some of this is dirt and will clean out, not sure it will all come out though - but it is light and not detrimental to the bottle in any way. Fine 7 x 9 mm bruise to rear base edge. A few little spots of wear to the pronounced seams. Couple of fine fisheyes, some fine scuffs and scratches. Nice embossing, there is a little high point wear in places. A scarce bottle from country New South Wales. Grade: 7.3 Estimate: $40 - 60
Lamplough Cowra Antique Codd Marble Bottle
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