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Four Bottles: 1. Dyason Son & Co / (Emu in a wreath inside a geometric shape) / Trade Mark / Melbourne // This bottle is the property / of Dyason Son & Co. Base: . M . (Victoria) 2 & 3. Pair of Lackersteen sauce variations: 2. Tomato Sauce / Lackersteen and Co / Sydney // Lackersteen's. No base mark. 3. Tomato Sauce / Lackersteen and Co / Sydney / This Bottle is the property of / Lackersteen & Co Sydney // Lackersteen's / Registered / (ALL monogram) / Trade Mark. No base mark. (New South Wales) 4. Hans Irvine / (Floral Bouquet) / Gt Western Vineyard. Base Mark: M. (Victoria) Miscellaneous Bottles 1. Shouldered cylinder. Spun finished top. Clear. 26 oz. 2. Applied top, spun finish. Light Amber. 13 oz. 3. Applied top, spun finish. Dark Amber. 13 oz. 4. Applied top, spun finish. Green. 26 oz. 220 - 311 mm. 1900s-1910s

1. Very Good. Oiled intenally. Stained throughout. Chip to inner left lip. Some pitted scratches mainly around the shoulder. Some other scratches and a few scuffs. Slightly etched feel in places. 2. Very Good. Some inner dirt that looks like it may wash out. A few nibbles around the lip edge. Some surface haze and patches of dullness. Some scratches and the odd scuff mark. Unusual variation in this light colour with no trade mark. 3. Very Good. Some inner dirt that will wash out. Some scuffs and scratches. 4. Very Good. 8 x 4 mm chip to rear lip. A couple ot scuffs or spots of wear ro the rear upper body and shoulder. Surface bubbles to lower front. A few other scuffs and scratches. Grade: N/A Estimate: $60 - 80
Antique Old Bottles
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