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Four Bottles: 1. John Graf / Milwaukee / Wis. // The Best What Gives / Trade Mark / This bottle / not to be sold. 2. (Reproduction) Cathedral Brand, Chief Wahoo Electric Tonic. (Made in Taiwan on base). (USA) 3 & 4. Pair of Japanese/Chinese Crown Seal Beers: Embossed champagne shape and sandblasted Shouldered shape. (McRae Collection) Miscellaneous Bottles 1. Hutchinson Patent. Octagonal Base. Tool finished top. Aqua. 2. Green. Seam through lip. 3 & 4. Spun finished tops. Different shades of amber. 13 oz. 243 - 152 mm. 1900s - 1970s

The Graf is Very Good. Has some water stain inside. Scuffy surface with some pitting and general marks. With original stopper. The Tonic is Excellent but a bit dirty and grimy. Needs a wash! Minor marks. Beers are both Very Good. The champagne shape is dull with scratches and scuffs. Fairly crudely made with lots of bubbles and swirls. The shouldered one also has a nice crude neck and top with plenty of bubbles through the glass. Sandblasted characters around base. Unusual pair of Australian found bottles. Grade: N/A Estimate: $50 - 70
Antique Old Bottles
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