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Five Poisons: 1. Not To Be Taken // Poison. (Crossed hatch design to front only). Base Mark: L271 / M / (Modern AGM monogram). 2. Sulpholine. Base Mark: M. 3. Sercsol / Elliott / Poison / Poison // Not to be taken // Not to be taken // Sercsol / Elliott' / Poison. No Base Mark. (Sydney, New South Wales) 4. Regd No 641401 / (Cross-hatching over front with a gap and script L inside a Star & Cross). Base: Lysol Ltd London / Made / In England. 5. Quibell's / Infallible Disinfectant. Base: K / 8103. (Newark, England) Poison Various 1. Machine made. Amber. 4 oz. 2. Applied top, spun finish. Rectangle. Cobalt. 6 oz. 3. Irregular Hexagon. Indented panels. Tool finished top. Amber. About 4 oz. 4. Applied top, spun finish. Aqua. 6 oz. 5. Applied top. Cobalt. 4 oz. 155 - 94 mm. 1890s-1940s

1. Very Good. Still has the original stopper. Oiled internally, there is some grime and fine dirt inside. Tiny surface flake under heel. Some scratches and minor marks. Scuffed mark to left rear shoulder. A later Lysol, but an interesting Australian one. 2. Fair. 12 x 3 mm shallow flake to one of the ribs below the PH of Sulpholine, small bruise next to this. 6 x 3 mm bruise over the E, this bruise is over a large angled fracture across the lower front over about 34 x 7 mm. Some light stain throughout. Some fine scuffs and scratches. 3. Very Good. Surface stain over most of the bottle. Several surface bubbles scattered around. Some scratches and the odd scuff mark. Flake under front base edge. Nice dark colour. 4. Very Good. Some light haze in places and a bit of surface rust. Seems to be a very fine inner surface fracture to front shoulder. Shallow nibbled flake to left rear base edge. A bit of dirt amongst the embossing. Some fine scratches. This is the first aqua one we have sold. 5. Very Good. Dirty internally with possibly some haze. A bit of fine haze in places externally. Lower right has a scuffed scratch. Some other scratches and minor marks. Grade: N/A Estimate: $60 - 80
Antique Poison Bottles
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