Lot 863: Australian Poison Bottles

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Pair of Poisons: 1. Levin's / Federation Brand / Formalin. Fancy label panel to one side, crosses around both sides. Rectangular label panel to other side. Base: (Modern AGM monogram) / M / M790. (Victoria) 2. Large Cobalt Poison embossed to both shoulders with 10 vertical concave panels. Original label for May and Baker Ltd, Dagenham, London Carbolic Acid. Poison Various 1. Upright cylinder, ring around base of neck. Seam through lip. Amber. 20 oz. 2. Applied top, spun finish. Cobalt. 1 Pound. 213 & 207 mm. 1900s - 1930s

1. Excellent. Some grime and inner dirt which should soak out. Some minor scratches and marks. Not much to report really on this one. 2. Near Mint. The stopper has a large chunk out of it, but this is not part of the grading. Some grime which will wash off. A few very minor scratches. The label is quite poor with some large tears and pieces missing. Discolouration to label. An unusual size, great item. Grade: N/A Estimate: $60 - 80
Australian Poison Bottles
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