Lot 867: Holloways Ointment Pot Lid

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(Seated Lady with Cherub, Snake drinking from goblet) / 533 / Oxford St / London / in Pots / at / (three lines of prices) / Each / Holloway's Ointment / Trade Mark / 4s 6d Pot Lid Holloways Large round pot lid. Black & White. 98 mm diameter. 1870s-1890s

Very Good. Face is nice with some crazing and spots of stain. 23 x 8 mm chip to the flange. 10 x 3 mm chip further around with associated short hairlines/fractures. A couple of other little fleabites and marks around the flange. Overall a decent example of this larger size. Grade: 7.6 Estimate: $60 - 80
Holloways Ointment Pot Lid
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