Lot 869: Antique Pot Lids

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Four black and white pot lids: 1. HUGE Mrs Ellen Hales Celebrated Heal-All Ointment, London. 2. Burgess's Anchovy Paste, London. 3. Breidenbach Cold Cream, London. 4. Morris's Eye Ointment. Pot Lid Miscellaneous All are black print on white lids in various sizes. 1. 100 mm across. 2. 90 mm across. 3. 61 mm across. 4. 47 mm across.. 1900s

1. Good. 33 x 100 mm chunk out of the flange. Couple of flakes to the face, one of the ladies left shoulder, one on the outer rim. Little nibbled mark to lower flange and a couple of little hairlines. Some minor scratches. Superb item in this huge size, I have never seen one this big before! 2. Very Good. Discoloured crazing. Some scratches. A little stain in places. 3. Good. Great from the face. The flange has a 17 x 5 mm chip from it with a crack from this to the face edge which continues as a hairline across part of the lid. Flake to lower outer flange. Some discoloured crazing and rust stain. 4. Very Good. Couple of small flakes to bottom of the flange, a split from making as well. Couple of scrape marks to outer rim. No bases on any of these four lids. Grade: N/A Estimate: $100 - 150
Antique Pot Lids
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