Lot 872: Antique Quack Cure Pots

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Sold for A$25

Pair of ointment pots: 1. Clarke's Miraculous Salve, The Lincoln & Midland Counties Drug Co Lincoln. 2. Poor Man's Friend, prepared by Beach & Barnicott, Bridport. Pot Lid Pot 1. All white, black print. 2. All White, blue print. 1. 35 mm. 2. 38 mm.. 1900s

1. Excellent. Would have graded as near mint, but there is some crystallization amongst some crazing internally. Apart from some crazing, not much else to report. 2. Good. 30 mm section of front upper lip is flaked and chipped. Little in the way of other marks. Grade: N/A Estimate: $20 - 40
Antique Quack Cure Pots
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