Lot 881: Gosnell Queen's Head Ceramic Pot Lids

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Three coloured and one black and white Queen's Head Gosnell pot lid. Pot Lid Tooth Paste Three coloured, one black and white domed pot lids. 1. 79 mm diameter. 2. 79 mm diameter. 3. 80 mm diameter. 4. 79 mm diameter.. 1880s

1. Good. Some stain. Some glaze flakes towards outer rim. Large 35 mm chip to inner flange. Some scratches. Some crazing. No base. 2. Very Good. Two chips to the outer rim. Tiny nick to flange edge. Stained in places including some rust stain. A couple of hairlines. Some fine scratches. No base. 3. Fair. Chip to outer left face comes into the print area. Outer rim chip up from this over 22 mm. Some other flakes and chips around the rim and flange. Some fine scratches. A little discolouration. No base. 4. Good. Crack to outer flange and rim comes to the middle of the face as a hairline. A little discolouration. Comes with a base that has a small flake or two and some discoloured hairlines. Grade: N/A Estimate: $50 - 75
Gosnell Queen's Head Ceramic Pot Lids
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