Lot 900: Lithgow Pottery Jar

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3 / Trade (Kangaroo) Mark / Lithgow. (with a handled wooden lid that has a sticker on it stating it is the original) (Lithgow Pottery, New South Wales) Pottery Lithgow 3 Gallon bread or storage crock. Wooden lid. Brown glaze. 285 mm with lid. 1890s

Fair. The glaze and pottery to the lower half is flaking and powdery in places. Some marks to the upper half but not as bad. Some larger chips and marks to the handles. Nice impressed stamp. The wooden lid says original and it is hard to argue. Looks early, plenty of wear and has some paint spots and a couple of chips to the edge of it. Interesting piece worthy of a bit of tender loving care! Grade: 5.3 Estimate: $50 - 75
Lithgow Pottery Jar
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