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Three Stoneware Items: 1. Zar-ona / Shaving Cream / Medicated / Sydney, / Australia. / 7 LB. Nett (same on both sides). (New South Wales) 2. Terrine Brevetee SGDG / 14 / Le Cachet. (France) 3. (Shakespeare Characters on a Stage) / All the World's a stage / (Winged Hourglass) // (William Shakespeare & Cherubs holding masks) / Shakspeare Born April 23 1564. No base mark. Pottery Various 1. Wide mouth jar. Holes deliberately formed in lower part of top for tie down wire or string. All White. Black Print. 7 pounds. 2. Yellow lidded French meat paste jar. 3. Blue jar with gold print. 187 mm, 90 mm across and 101 mm. 1860s - 1920s

1. Very Good. Shallow flake to front upper lip. Right lip has an impact sliver with a 40 mm hairline from it along the upper lip. Some wear and fine flakes around the lip. Some minor scratches and marks. 2. Good. The French translates to Patented Terrine, The Stamp. Terrine is a meat paste. The lid is discoloured in places with some crazing. The base has a chip repaired to the rim. Some scratches and discoloured spots. 3. Fair. Some lip restoration on one side, not sure of the extent. Two base chips have been restored as well, both of which have touched on the print. Some fine scratches and minor marks otherwise. Grade: N/A Estimate: $50 - 75
Old Pottery
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