Lot 922: Sample Schweppes Limited London Soda Syphon

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Sold for A$525

Trade (Fountain) Mark / Schweppes Limited / London / By Special Appointment / (English Coat of Arms) / Dieu et mon Droit / Porcelain Lined Syphon. Smooth base. Metal top. (McRae Collection) Sample/Miniature Soda Syphon Vauxhall shape. Clear. About 4 oz. 160 mm with metal spout in place. 1920s+

Excellent. Contents stain inside from the perfume these were sold/given away with. Really only light marks and wear. Note that the metal top is tightly in place and we have not removed it. Also the handle or lever to the top is missing. Still a lovely little piece. Grade: 8.2 Estimate: $200 - 250
Sample Schweppes Limited London Soda Syphon
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