Lot 953: Antique Gin Bottles

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Pair of Gins: 1. Blankenheym & Nolet (in script) // Large Key. Base Mark: (Dot). 2. Blankenheym & Nolet (in script) // Large Key. No base mark. Spirits Gin Dutch case gin shape. Applied top. Green. 13 & 26 oz. 188 & 241 mm. 1890s

1. Very Good. Small double flake to outer lip on writing side. One other tiny lip nick. Some inner base grime or dirt. Nibbled surface impacts or flakes and little bruise near the base on one side panel over about 12 x 6 mm. Some usage wear under the base. Some scratches and scuffs such as around the shoulder. Unusual in the half size. 2. Excellent. A little fine grime and some inner dirt, which should clean out OK. May have been oiled internally. Some minor scratches and marks. Grade: N/A Estimate: $70 - 100
Antique Gin Bottles
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