Lot 972: Gaelic Old Smuggler Whisky Water Jug

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Sold for A$65

Old / Smuggler / Regd // Ask For / Gaelic / Oldest Best. Embossed Queen's Head and vines. Potters stamp: Port-Dundas / Glasgow / Pottery Coy. Spirits Whisky/Whiskey All white with black print and embossed design. 160 mm. 1900s

Good. Dark crack starts at shoulder edge below Gaelic, curves up and through the word BEST across and under the handle, around to under the SM of Smuggler where it goes across the shoulder and then down the body a little. Small split to base edge. A couple of little chips to base edge. Crack through mid handle is a little nibbled to the edges. Dark discolouration which is quite spotty in places, this seems to be from making. A nice jug. Grade: 6 Estimate: $50 - 75
Gaelic Old Smuggler Whisky Water Jug
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