Lot 975: Goldfields Sports Design Cricket Belt Buckles

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Pair of Belt buckles: 1. Floral design around outer edge, plain inner. 2. Swallows and vines in the middle with a shield in each of the four corners. Sporting Buckle Belt Buckles 62 x 55 mm & 64 x 48 mm. 1860s

1. Good. Bend to one corner. Corrosion throughout. Has latch to back but no loop. Two little holes where another part would have initially been attached which is missing. 2. Good. Loop is bent at end. Latch at rear is a bit buckled. Some bends at the end. Some corrosion and wear. Couple of little holes near top and bottom, usually where another piece would have been attached, but this has a pattern underneath so not entirely sure here. Part of a collection of buckles being offered over the next four auctions. Grade: N/A Estimate: $30 - 50
Goldfields Sports Design Cricket Belt Buckles
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