Lot 976: Goldfields Sports Design Cricket Belt Buckles

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Sold for A$32

Pair of Cricket belt buckles: 1. Cross over two bats, two sets of wickets and six balls. 2. Cricket belt buckle: Pride of the World with crossed bats, helmet, ball and stumps. Sporting Buckle Cricket Belt Buckles 62 x 48 mm & 60 x 45 mm. 1860s

1. Poor. Pieces missing around the outer edges. Some bends and splits. Corrosion throughout. Purely an example to fill a gap. 2. Good. Bottom right corner has been hit by something and is dinted with a piece missing. Bends and dints elsewhere. Corrosion throughout. Still has the latch to the back. Part of a collection of buckles being offered over the next four auctions. Grade: N/A Estimate: $40 - 60
Goldfields Sports Design Cricket Belt Buckles
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