Lot 983: Goldfields Sports Design Cricket Belt Buckles

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Sold for A$340

Goldfields Cricket Belt Buckle: Sliding design with wickets and bats sliding down over a couple of tents and trees in the background. Sporting Buckle Brass or copper belt buckle with ornate pressed design. Amazing piece of work with a highly detailed piece on top depicting a cricket bat and two sets of stumps. The middle stump on each side has a lug around it allowing this piece to slide up and down, a square opening behind would have allowed a clip through that the cricket bat would slot down through, marks can still be seen on the bat where it held something in place. The lower part of the background has detailed scene of trees in a meadow, the upper part has a couple of tents with flags flying. 50 x 52 mm. 1860s

Excellent. Possibly the most amazing cricket buckle that we have seen with its ornate design and function! The section between the two pieces of metal has some green surface corrosion. The wickets have a minor bend in them, the lower part on the left seems to be missing a tiny section which would have joined the wickets, the right one has a small split in one of these sections. Superb piece all round! This is the same item we sold way back in Auction 11. Grade: N/A Estimate: $200 - 250
Goldfields Sports Design Cricket Belt Buckles
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