Lot 985: Amethyst Melbourne Glass Target Ball

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Sold for A$2,250

Target Ball. Australian made, attributed to Melbourne Glass Works. Mid amethyst throughout. Cross-hatched pattern with target like pattern to sides. Sporting Target Ball Round target ball with ground shear or burst lip. Amethyst. 70 mm diameter. 1890s

Excellent. Polished. Slightly hazy inside, has just had a very light tumble to remove some haze. Minor marks to the surface. Flat mark to one side from making. Stunning piece and very rare in this colour. This is one of the small number found complete at the Wagga Wagga tip around 1980. This seems to be the only place that this patterned ball has been found in this colour? This pattern is also found in Dark Purple, Blue and Amber and appears to be uniquely Australian and attributed to the Melbourne Glass Works. This is the very same example that we sold in Auction 31, the vendor has since upgraded! Grade: 8.5 Estimate: $1500 - 2000
Amethyst Melbourne Glass Target Ball
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