Lot 220: Old Crown Seal Soft Drink Bottles

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Four Crown Seals: 1. John Starkey / (Coat of Arms) / Trade Mark / Suum Cuique / Sydney. Base Mark: S. 2. Coca-Cola / Trade-Mark Registered / Bottle Pat. D-105529 / 26 (Symbol) 42 // Coca-Cola / Trade-Mark Registered / Min. Contents 6-Fl. Ozs. Base Mark: Oakland / Calif. 3. Toohey's Ltd / Trade / (Deer) / Mark / Sydney. Base Mark: Vance & Ross / 72 / Sydney. 4. Tooth & Co Ltd / Trade (Rearing Horse) Mark / Invicta / Kent Brewery / Sydney. Base Mark: Vance & Ross / 76 / Sydney. (New South Wales & USA) Aerated Water Crown Seal Various. 10 & 6 oz. 218, 195, 187 & 185 mm. 1910s-1940s

1. Very Good. Small flake to outer front lip. A little hazy internally in places, much of this is dirt which should soak out. Small patch of surface rust. Some scratches and light scuff marks. One tiny fisheye. Nice embossing has just a few minor marks. 2. Excellent. A bit dirty internally, this should soak out. A few tiny impact marks. Some scuffs and scratches. A nice looking US example from Oakland, California. 3. Good. A few impact flakes around the lip. Flake chip to rear base edge. Stained throughout. Wear, scuffs, scratches, fisheyes and impact marks throughout. 4. Good. Small nibbled impact flake to upper rear lip. Stained throughout. Nibbled flake under right heel. Fisheyes. A few small spots of wear. Scuffs and scratches scattered around. Heavily embossed, relatively minor wear to the high points. Grade: N/A Estimate: $40 - 60
Old Crown Seal Soft Drink Bottles
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