Lot 221: Old Crown Seal Soft Drink Bottles

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Nice collection of six Queensland 10 oz Crown Seals: 1. (Key in an Oval) / This bottle is the property of / G. Bradley / Oakey. Smooth base. 2. Lemonade / F. W. Kretschmar / (F. W. K in a Love Heart) / Goombungee / F. W. Kretschmar's Property. Base: QGM Monogram / B19. 3. This bottle is the property of / (Key) / Mason & Mason / Oakey. Base: QGM Monogram / B19. 4. This bottle is the property of / H. F. Gollan / (HFG Monogram) / Millmerran. Base: QGM Monogram / B19. 5. This bottle is the property of / Gold Star / PH 476 / (Star) / Gympie / Aerated Waters Wks. Base Mark: QGM Monogram / B19. 6. This bottle is the property of Seib & Gorrie / (Horseshoe) / Good Luck / S & G / Toogoolawah / Phone 95. Base: QGM Monogram / B19. (Queensland) Aerated Water Crown Seal Champagne. Machine made. Aqua & Clear. 10 oz. 223 mm. 1930s+

1. Very Good. Stained throughout. Fisheye to front left lip edge. Couple of other little fisheyes. Some scuffs and scratches. Glass folds under base from making. Nibbled scrape to seam under heel. Nice strong embossing is pretty much blemish free. 2. Very Good. Chip to bottom of rear top. Small bruise to front base heel. Some inner haze. Quite scuffed and scratched throughout with some wear as well. Little fisheyes and impact marks. Some nibbles around base edge. Crate wear to embossing. 3. Very Good. Small flake to front lip edge. Some nibbles to the outer crown. Some light inner haze. Small bruise to front shoulder just above the badge. Flake to rear base edge. Couple of surface impact flakes to front base edge which are tiny. A few tiny nicks and some fisheyes. Some scuffs and scratches. 4. Very Good. Little nibbled impact to outer right rear lip. Some very light haze. A few tiny impact nicks. Some scuffs and scratches. Flake to G of Gollan. Rest of the embossing is quite good with some minor spots of wear. A few fine fisheyes. 5. Very Good. Hazy internally. Nibbled seam around base edge. A few fine fisheyes and impact marks. A little wear to the embossing. Some scuffs and scratches. 6. Very Good. Hazy internally. One or two fine fisheyes. Just a few fine scratches and minor scuff marks. Grade: N/A Estimate: $50 - 75
Old Crown Seal Soft Drink Bottles
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