Lot 226: Old Crown Seal Soft Drink Bottles

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Three QLD Crown Seals: 1. This bottle is the property of / H. Puschmann / (Crow with chicks at Nest) / Crows Nest // 2. Base: QGM Monogram / B19. 2. Archer & Betzel / (Archer) / Bowen. Base: QGM Monogram / B19 / small impressed 58. 3. This bottle remains the / property of / Klumpp's Cordials / Beaudesert (embossed at shoulder). Print: kirk's (in a Shield) // Drink / kirk's (in a shield) / Mixed or straight / Kirks is Great. Base: QGM / B19. (Queensland) Aerated Water Crown Seal 1 & 2. Champagne. Seam through lip. Clear. 10 oz. 3. Champagne. Seam through lip. Pale Aqua. Yellow print. 10 oz. 223 mm. 1930s+

1. Very Good. A couple of fleabites inside the lip. Scuffy and scratched surface. A bit of red dirt stain inside. Good strong embossing with a bit of wear to the surface. Great looking pictorial. 2. Very Good. Scruffy around the shoulder. Some scratches and wear. The odd tiny mark including a pinprick to the lip. Good looking pictorial crown seal. 3. Fair. One side of the bottle has clearly been exposed to the elements and half of the labels on both the front and back are faded. The bottle itself has half a dozen small bruises and fractures spread around. Hazy inside. Scuffs and scratches. Grade: N/A Estimate: $40 - 60
Old Crown Seal Soft Drink Bottles
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