Lot 246: Old Antique Internal Thread Bottles

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Four internal threads: 1. Marchant & Co, Australia, M base mark. 2. O'Neill Bros., North Fitzroy, ONB base mark. 3. Marchant & Co, Australia, X base mark. 4. R. Mosley / Globe Mineral / Water Works / Robt. Mosley / Trade (Globe with RM Initials) Mark / Registered / Flemington Bridge / Melbourne // This bottle is the property / of / R. Mosley / & Cannot be legally / used by others / Please / Replace Stopper. Base: (Modern AGM Monogram) / M??? / M. (Victoria)(Victoria) Aerated Water Internal Thread Various 253, 252, 256 & 257 mm. 1900s-1940s

1. Poor. Circular 50 x 20 mm cracked area to lower left at base edge, wouldn't surprise me if this pops out one day. Otherwise just a bit dirty. Has a plain wooden stopper. 2. Very Good. Stained throughout. Oiled internally, this has yellowed. Couple of pitted scratches to lower rear. Small impact flake to front heel. Some fisheyes. A little surface rust. Some scratches and scuffs. Has a plain lignum vitae stopper. 3. Very Good. Some dirt will clean out. Large burst bubble to right heel is a bit flaked around its edges. Dirty surface bubble to upper left. A couple more to mid rear. Some scuffs, wear and scratches scattered around. Some fine high point wear to the embossing. A few fisheyes. Has a Harrison lignum vitae stopper in place. 4. Good. Half the inner front lip is chipped and flaked, there is a chip to outer front lip that has a small fracture from it as well. Some inner dirt will clean out. Little nibbled mark to front near base edge. Some scratches. A bit of crate wear to the upper embossing. Scuffed mark to right. This is from the late Roy Millar collection. Grade: N/A Estimate: $15 - 25
Old Antique Internal Thread Bottles
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