Lot 284: Old Antique Lamont type Bottles

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Lamont bottles: 1. Emil Resch, Broken Hill, Lion trade mark. 2. John Penrose, Silverton. 3. James Dickson & Co, Melbourne. Aerated Water Lamont 1. Applied top, spun finish. Aqua. 6 oz. 2. Applied top. Aqua. 6 oz. 3. Applied top. Aqua. 10 oz. 1. 190 mm. 2. 173 mm. 3. 232 mm.. 1890s-1900s

1. Very Good. A little dirty, maybe a little light haze in places. Front right base edge has a flaked area over about 18 x 12 mm that goes under the base as well. Some scratches and the odd scuff mark. 2. Very Good. Stained with a little surface etching, but also has shiny patches. A few scratches and minor marks. 3. Very Good. Stained throughout. Nibbled impact to upper lip. Nibbled flake to rear base heel. Pitted scratches throughout. Scuffs and other wear as well. Some fisheyes. A few impact nicks here and there. Grade: N/A Estimate: $20 - 30
Old Antique Lamont type Bottles
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