Lot 285: Old Antique Lamont type Bottles

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Pair of Lamonts: 1. James Dickson & Co / (Arm & Dagger over shield with stars, banners) / Trade Mark / Melbourne. Base: KBC Monogram / 5836. 2. J. P. Yoxall / Trade (Arm & Dagger) Mark / Wangaratta. (Around Base) Made by the Melbourne Glass Bottle Co. (Smooth base) (Victoria) Aerated Water Lamont Lamont. Applied top. Aqua. 10 oz. 235 & 225 mm. 1880s-1890s

1. Very Good. Small flake to front left lip edge. Small nibbled mark to lower lip. Small nibbled mark to front lip edge. Stained. A few fine fisheyes. Scuffs and scratches scattered around. A little fine wear to embossing and a small nick or two. 2. Good. Stained throughout. Burst bubble to rear shoulder. Some pitted marks. Scuffs and scratches throughout. Fisheyes. Crate wear to the embossing. Harder to get without Rutherglen on it, but also harder again to get as most of these are Kilner Bros, so this Melbourne made non Rutherglen example is quite hard to get. Grade: N/A Estimate: $30 - 50
Old Antique Lamont type Bottles
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