Lot 248: Amber labelled bottle. Holden Cleaner and Polish.

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Sold for A$15

Tapered screw top amber bottle. No Base. Label for Holden Cleaner and Polish, a twinkle with every sprinkle.. Garagenalia. Holden. Machine made, screw top. Tapered. Amber. 10 oz. N/A. 1940s

Poor. (N/A). Bottle is broken! The bottom quarter is just plain missing, what remains is cracked as well. However, this is all about the label. We sold one of these in Auction 45 in complete condition, but the label was not as good as this one. This label is folded and bent to the bottom part where the bottle is broken under it. It has some tears here as well, but importantly, no missing parts. There is a bit of fading to the red parts and a little discolouration in places.. Estimate: $5-10
Amber labelled bottle. Holden Cleaner and Polish.
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