Lot 15: Four Codds: Harrison; Elliott; Dixon; Schweppes.

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Sold for A$110

1. R. Harrison / (RH Monogram) // Fitzroy / (RH Monogram). Base Mark: (RH Monogram). 2. G. H. Elliott / Trade / E / Mark / Carlton // Established / 1845 / Melbourne (in straight lines) / M. Base: 09 around E. 3. P. G. Dixon & Co / Trade (Lion) Mark / Registered / Rosslyn Street / Melbourne / Estd 1851 // P. G. Dixon & Co / Prize Medallists / Melbourne 1880-1 & 1888-9 / Adelaide 1887 / International Exhibs / and at all / Melb. Intercolonial / Exhibitions. Base Mark: 1905. (Victoria) 4. Schweppes. Base Mark: 2686.. Aerated Water. Codd. Various 240, 232, 202 & 202 mm. 1890s - 1910s

N/A. (N/A). 1. Good. Hazy throughout. Little upper lip flake, small bruise from this. 20 mm crack to mid body on Fitzroy side. Bruise next to one dimple, couple of bruises to side chamber. Bruise to mid body. Tiny flake to base edge. Some fisheyes and impact marks. Scuffs and scratches. 2. Good. Stained. Deep burst bubble to upper rear. Another to front right base edge. Bruise to left base edge, another around to rear from here. Some pitted scratches and fisheyes. Some other little burst bubbles. Little flake to upper rear. Some scuffs and scratches. 3. Good. Stained with swirled etching in places. Couple of little nibbled impact to upper lip, a bruise from this covers about 17 x 10 mm. Some wear. Some pitted spots and scratches. Some fisheyes and impact marks. Some scuffs and scratches. A little wear to some of the embossing. 4. Good. Stained, this has an etched feel as well. Crazed effect below lip. 7 x 4 mm nibbled flake to left base edge. Some pitted marks and scratches to be found. A few little fisheyes and impact marks. Some scratches and scuffs.. Estimate: $50-100
Four Codds: Harrison; Elliott; Dixon; Schweppes.
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