Lot 169: 13 MacRobertsons Items: 4 Cardboard Boxes & 9 Tins. (Victoria)

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Sold for A$120

1. - 4. Four MacRobertsons Cardboard Boxes: 2 x Scorched Almonds; Old Gold; Novel Centres. 5. MacRobertsons Menthol Gum Jubes tin. Label to inner lid. 6. & 7. MacRobertson's "Old Style" Butter Scotch. Richest Quality. 6 ozs Nett. 8. & 9. MacRobertson's Preserved Fruits. Choicest and Richest Quality. 10 - 12. Three small MacRobertsons tins: Puppies; Cockatoo & Kookaburra. 13. MacRobertson. Diamond Gum Jubes. MP Monogram also impressed to inside of lid and shows on top. (Victoria) (late Ern Taylor Collection). Tins. Sweets. Various Various. 1920s - 1960s

N/A. (N/A). 1. - 4. Some dents, folds, scuffs, wear and stain. Mostly in solid shape though. 5. Outside is worn but generally solid. Small label to one edge has tears and stain. Label stuck inside the lid is a beauty with some spots of stain and small marks. 6 - 7. Both a bit rough and worn. Stain, scratches and marks. Dust and grime. 8 - 9. Both are decent but there are of course some dents, scratches and general marks. Dust and grime. 10 - 12. Cockatoo tin is in Very Good shape. Kookaburra tin is Poor with a lot of wear and rust. Puppies tin is in between with some scratches and wear. 13. Worn and dents. Some rust showing through. Label to side has stain and tears. There has been a label to the inner lid but there is only a tiny piece left. (late Ern Taylor Collection). Estimate: $60-120
13 MacRobertsons Items: 4 Cardboard Boxes & 9 Tins. (Victoria)
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