Lot 53: Four Soda Syphons: Eureka Co Rowlands Goodfellow T. Davies. (Victoria)

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Sold for A$65

1. Eureka Co / Trade (EAW&BCo within a Six Pointed Star) Mark / Regd / Ballarat / British Syphon Co London. No base mark. British Syphon Co Metal spout impressed: Goodfellow & Co / Ballarat. 2. E. Rowlands / Proprietary / Limited / (Miner & Farmer) / (English Coat of Arms) / Trade Mark / Ballarat, Melbourne, Sydney. / British Syphon Co London // (Ribbon and a Bouquet) / By appointment to his Excellency the Governor. Metal spout stamped: E. Rowlands Proprietary Limited. (Victoria & New South Wales) 3. R. M. Goodfellow / Trade (Horse Head) Mark / Regd / Inter Primos / Ballarat. / British Syphon Co London. Base Mark: (Triangle). Original metal spout marked R. M. Goodfellow. (Victoria) 4. T. Davies and Co / Trade / (Knight with Lance on Horseback) / Mark / Bendigo / Made in France. Spout is marked R. Harrison, Fitzroy. (Victoria). Aerated Water. Soda Syphon. Various 233, 300 with spout, 235 & 243 mm. 1890s - 1920s

N/A. (N/A). 1. Good. Poor. Spout comes off to reveal no lip damage. (ADDED 16/8/23: Below the lip, however, is a crack going right around the circumference and joining back up, there is another crack above this as well). Some inner haze. Some dust and grime which will clean off. 34 x 15 mm deep chip to front left pedestal base edge. Shallow 8 mm fracture to rear base edge. Some fisheyes and impact marks. Heavily scratched throughout. This is the six pointed star variation. 2. VG. Spout is firmly in place, we presume the lip is fine. Stained internally. 15 x 6 mm angled crack to pedestal base at front right edge. A little outer grime will clean off. A few fisheyes. Some scratches. 3. VG. Spout comes off to reveal no lip damage, though there is a small surface bubble to the lip edge. Some soda stain internally. Little nibbled impact to lower right. Nibbled chip to right base edge. Little nibbled spot under heel. Some fisheyes. Plenty of scratches scattered around. 4. Fair. Spout comes off showing a crack starting at the front left upper lip coming down about 45 mm to the left neck, the lower part of which can be seen even with sthe spout in place. Stained internally. Some dust and grime externally. A few minor fisheyes and some minor scratches externally.. Estimate: $40-80

Four Soda Syphons: Eureka Co Rowlands Goodfellow T. Davies. (Victoria)
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