Lot 7: Pair of Codds. Franklin, Balaclava and Mosley, Melbourne. (Victoria)

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Sold for A$70

1. J. Franklin & Co / Trade (Moonface holding a glass) Mark / Carbonated / Waters / Works. Balaclava. Base: M 2. R. Mosley / Globe Mineral / Water Works / Robt Mosley / Trade (Globe with RM inside) Mark / Registered / Flemington Bridge / Melbourne. Smooth base. (Victoria).. Aerated Water. Codd. 1. Dobson or Four way type. Applied top. Aqua. 10 oz. 2. Niagara type. Applied top. Aqua. 10 oz. 235 & 239 mm. 1900s

N/A. (N/A). 1. Good. Fold to upper right lip is a making mark. 4 x 2 mm flake to front right chamber. Extensive fisheyes and impacts around the base edge. Couple of patches of pitted wear. Plenty of scuffs and scratches scattered around. Some fisheyes to the body. A bit of crate wear to the embossing. Some pitted scratches. May have had a light polish. A bit of fine haze. 2. Fair. 7 x 6 mm nibbled chip to front right outer lip, left of this is a smaller 4 x 5 mm flake with another smaller flake left of that. 4 x 4 mm flake to outer rear lip as well. Some other nibbled marks around the lip edge. Right chamber has a 25 mm crack which joins a curved crack of about 40 mm. Some fisheyes and impact marks. A bit of wear. Scuffs and scratches scattered around. Crate wear to the upper embossing.. Estimate: $30-50
Pair of Codds. Franklin, Balaclava and Mosley, Melbourne. (Victoria)
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