Lot 82: Pair of Sealed Vieux Cognacs. Pale Green & Olive Green. 26 oz.

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1. Vieux / Cognac (in applied seal at shoulder). Shallow conical punt to base. 2. Vieux / Cognac (in applied seal at shoulder. Dot to centre of base. (late Ern Taylor Collection). Spirits. Cognac. 1. Cylinder with long stretched out neck. Crude applied top. Pale Green. 26 oz. 2. Shouldered cylinder. Three piece mould. Applied band to shear lip. Olive Green. 26 oz. 309 & 268 mm. 1850s+

N/A. (N/A). 1. Good. Unusual shaped bottle with a long stretched neck. Small seal but with very crisp embossing. The front half of the lip has had chips filled in. The deepest section is at the right over about 15 x 5 mm. Mid front left bottle is a 15 x 8 mm shallow burst or open bubble probably from the time of making. Scratches all over. Dull and stained. A nice early bottle. 2. Good. Has been a large chip to the right top that has been filled, about 20 x 12 mm. Rest of the bottle is very nice with minor marks and some haze. Wonderful swrils of bubbles and impurities throughout the glass. (late Ern Taylor Collection). Estimate: $50-100
Pair of Sealed Vieux Cognacs. Pale Green & Olive Green. 26 oz.
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