Lot 84: 3 Gins: 2 x Plain and 1 x Hoytema.

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Sold for A$70

1. Plain gin but in Hoytema shape and can actually just see ghosted embossing to one side. Square pattern to base. 2. Plain Pigsnout gin. Cross to base. 3. v Hoytema & Co. Star shape to base.. Spirits. Gin. Dutch Case Gins. Applied flat top. Black. Quart. 249 - 258 mm. 1850s - 1870s

N/A. (N/A). 1. VG. Dirty. General scuffs and scratches. Big extra blob of glass on one shoulder. Interesting one where the embossing either hasn't come out or has been deliberately erased from a Hoytema mould. 2. VG. Scratches and general marks. Nice swirls in the glass. Good looking "goldfields" era gin bottle. 3. Dirty inside. Some dull spots. Scratches, down the left side in particular. Lovely looking bottle. . Estimate: $50-100
3 Gins: 2 x Plain and 1 x Hoytema.
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