Lot 42: 2 Internal Threads. G. H. Bennett, Richmond; E. Rowlands. (Victoria)

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1. G. H. Bennett / (G. H. B within a Flag) / Richmond. Base Mark: B. 2. E. Rowlands / This bottle remains the property of E. Rowlands Pty Ltd // Please / replace the stopper / Bottle not complete / without it. Base Mark: R. (Victoria). Aerated Water. Internal Thread. Applied top, spun finish. Aqua. 26 oz. 258 & 254 mm. 1910s

N/A. (N/A). 1. VG. Has a proper Bennett stopper in place, looks to be a wooden example. A bit hazy, this has been oiled. 4 x 5 mm impacted mark to front right base edge. A few short pitted scratches. Some other scratches and small scuffs to be found. Strong embossing, there is a bit of high point wear in places. 2. Fair. Has a plain stopper in place. Oiled with some associated inner grime. About a 15-20 x 15-20 mm flat section to outer front lip where some grinding work has been done, the right edge of this has a shallow associated fracture. Hazy. Little surface flake to rear shoulder. Little flake to left base edge. Some scuffs and scratches. Very heavy embossing, the R has a chip, couple of other flakes to the other letters, but overall, it is pretty good in this respect. Estimate: $15-30
2 Internal Threads. G. H. Bennett, Richmond; E. Rowlands. (Victoria)
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