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A Pictorial Collection Australian Found Antique Bottles The Nice Ones Russell Dunn A Pictorial Collection, The Nice Ones! By Russell Dunn. Published in 2004. 52 pages, soft cover and full colour. Wonderfully presented with loads of background information on old bottles and the hobby of bottle collecting. Several hundred bottles pictured with value estimates. Excellent reference and a great book to flick through when you have a quiet moment.

Price $15 with free postage within Australia.

Payment via Paypal to [email protected]

Direct Deposit to ABCR Auctions, BSB: 063 855, Account: 1021 2767

Remember to drop us an email however if you send through your payment! [email protected]

Oh, and there are limited copies so first in best dressed.


When we find out interesting information related to items in our auctions, we will add it here. Please feel free to email us with any information you come across, it all helps !

Lot 353 in Auction #7 - Neale, Chemist, Carlton printed pot base.

Click here for Neale Chemist Factsheet

Scott's (Dixon's) Patent Marble Bottle.

Click here for Dixon's Patent Aerated Water Bottle Factsheet

Whitall Tatum Glassworks Chemist Prescription Bottles.

Click here for Whitall Tatum Chemist Bottles Factsheet

Warren's Liquid Blacking Stoneware Jars.

Click here for Warrens Liquid Blacking Factsheet

Mentiplay's Patent Medicines.

Click here for Mentiplay's Patent Medicines Factsheet

Albury Brewing & Malting Company.

Click here for Albury Brewery Company Factsheet

Henry Davy Chemist Melbourne.

Click here for Henry Davy Chemist Factsheet

Katunga Aerated Water & Cordial Company.

Click here for Katunga Aerated Waters Factsheet

C. J. Ziebell Britannia Pharmacy Fitzroy.

Click here for Ziebell Chemist Fitzroy Factsheet

James Boully Chemist Albert Park.

Click here for Boully Chemist Albert Park Factsheet

Anderson & Black Melbourne.

Click here for Anderson & Black Melbourne Factsheet

Dougall & Easton Chemists Warrnambool.

Click here for Dougall & Easton Chemists Warrnambool Factsheet

John Heily Chemist Culcairn.

Click here for John Heily Chemist Culcairn Factsheet

C. E. Graham, Portarlington.

Click here for C. E. Graham Portarlington Factsheet

Gandiol, Adelaide.

Click here for Gandiol Adelaide Factsheet

Yoxall Bros., Moonee Valley Company, Fitzroy.

Click here for Yoxall Bros Moonee Valley Company Fitzroy Factsheet

Border United Breweries, Beechworth & Albury.

Click here for Border United Breweries Factsheet

New Zealand Co., North Fitzroy, G. F. O'Neill.

Click here for New Zealand Co Fitzroy Factsheet

Dr Mawdsley's Cordial Co.

Click here for Dr Mawdsley's Cordial Company Factsheet

A. Warne, Horsham.

Click here for Warne Horsham Factsheet

Trelawney Stilton Cheese.

Click here for Trelawney Stilton Cheese Factsheet

Coo-ee Cordials Brisbane.

Click here for Coo-ee Cordials Brisbane Factsheet

Hazelhurst Patent Bottle.

Click here for Hazelhurst Patent Bottle Factsheet

Cordaiy & Ashcroft, Parkes.

Click here for Cordaiy Ashcroft Parkes Factsheet

Mowling & Dunkley, Allen's Patent Footrot Ointment, Melbourne.

Click here for Mowling Dunkley Footrot Ointment Melbourne Factsheet

F. O. Pritchard, Mentone.

Click here for Pritchard Mentone Milk Factsheet

Pure Water Process Pty. Ltd., South Yarra.

Click here for Pure Water Process Co Factsheet

Egypta Products Pty. Ltd., Fitzroy.

Click here for Egypta Products Factsheet

T. Wilson & Co., Collingwood.

Click here for T. Wilson & Co Factsheet

A. A. Billson, Dandelion Ale, Beechworth & Tallangatta.

Click here for A. A. Billson Dandelion Ale Factsheet

J. W. Peryman, Mount Magnet, Codd Bottle.

Click here for Peryman, Mount Magnet.

Skipping Girl Vinegar.

Click here for Skipping Girl Vinegar.

Carton, Elphin St., Newport, Dairy.

Click here for Carton, Dairy, Newport.

Simpson, Chemist, Queenscliff.

Click here for Simpson, Chemist, Queenscliff.

F. W. Niven, Ballarat. Printers. Label Horde.

Click here for Niven, Ballarat, Labels.

Boyds Patent Bottle, Melbourne Glass Bottle Works.

Click here for Boyds Patent Bottle.