Dougall & Easton, Chemists, Warrnambool


William Robert Braidwood Dougall was registered as a pharmacist in Victoria on 10th February 1910, he had been Certified by the Pharmaceutical society of Great Britain on 18th April 1887. His first listing in Australia was in Carlton in 1910 but the next year he was listed at Liebig St., Warrnambool.

Robert Alexander Easton was registered in Victoria on 11th December 1912 (having also been certified in Great Britain, this time on the 3rd October 1898). Easton was listed in Warrnambool from 1913.
The pair continued to be listed at Warrnambool until 1923. In 1924 Easton was now registered at 77 Canterbury Road, Canterbury while Dougall’s listing changes to C/O Mr. T. J. Rowe, Liebig St., Warrnambool. Both were still at these respective addresses in 1925 but no research done after this date.

The Argus: 31st March 1925 – Warrnambool – The chemist’s business carried on by the late Mr Leonard Eason, and formerly by Dougall and Eason (sic), has been bought by Mr. Jas. Barnes of Minyip.

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