Lot 63: Torpedo. Dakin Brothers, China. Amber. 10 oz.

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Sold for A$520

Dakin Brothers / of China / Limited. No glass makers marks. (Votava Collection). Aerated Water. Torpedo. Torpedo. Applied top. Amber. 10 oz. 223 mm. 1890s

Fair. (5). There is an impact mark and chip on the lower right back that has been filled. Not sure the exact size of this chip but around it is a thick fracture of about 60 x 10 mm. 5 x 4 mm chip to the front lip. 4 x 3 mm chip to the front body below the word Dakin. Has had a bit of a polish to remove some stain but still quite scruffy with scratches and the like. Annealing lines in the top. In between colour to ones we have sold previously not being as dark as most but also not the pale honey amber. The colour does save it as the damage doesn't show through. (Votava Collection). Estimate: $100-150
Torpedo. Dakin Brothers, China. Amber. 10 oz.
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