Lot 1: Davies Capel Bendigo Codd Marble Bottle

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Davies & Capel / Bendigo // Trade (Knight holding a Lance on Horseback) / Mark. Base: M. (Victoria) Aerated Water Codd All Way Pour. Applied top. Aqua. 10 oz. 230 mm. 1900s

Very Good. Polished. Over about 45 mm to one side towards the base is a long streak which is a glass pull from making, the top part of this appears as a 12 x 4 mm chip. The opposite side also has a similar mark, but this is a lump on the glass. Tiny flake to upper body on writing side has had some slight work done to it to minimise it, it was small to start with. Some fine scratches and tiny fisheyes to be found, but in general the glass is smooth and shiny. The embossing is crisp on this one and the trade mark well detailed, so the polish job has been a good one! Quite a rare bottle. Grade: 7.5 Estimate: $500 - 600
Davies Capel Bendigo Codd Marble Bottle
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