Lot 1: Hume Pegrum Sydney 1888 Centenary Serving Tray

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Sold for A$270

Hume and Pegrum / 1888 / Aerated and Mineral Waters / Sydney Australia / (Rose, Thistles & Shamrocks) / (Two women in varying states of undress either side of a central medallion) / Registered / Trade (HP Monogram) Mark / to prevent imitation / Centennial Gift / (Roses, Thistles & Shamrocks). Fancy patterns around the edges. Back: TT & Co around a twisted rope. (New South Wales) Aerated Water Advertising Plated serving tray. Fine etched design. 302 x 226 mm. 1888

Excellent. Cleaned - mostly during use by the looks of it. Deeper scratch at the mid upper back. Nice heavy tray. Lovely design. A classic for any collector. Grade: N/A Estimate: $300 - 400
Hume Pegrum Sydney 1888 Centenary Serving Tray
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