Lot 104: Antique Codd Marble Soft Drink Bottles

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Sold for A$60

Pair of Codds: 1. Pocock & Co / Trade (Horseshoe) Mark / Camperdown / Sydney. Base: S. 2. Crystal / Fountain / Company / Sydney // Registered / Trade (CF Monogram in a Shield) Mark / This bottle / to be / returned. Smooth base. (New South Wales) Aerated Water Codd Codd original or one way. Spun finished top & Applied top. Aqua. 6 oz. 203 & 198 mm. 1910s & 1890s

1. Good. A bit dull. Scuffs and scratches. In the back chamber is a star fracture over 10 x 10 mm. A few little pit marks. Good looking bottle. 2. Good. Crude bottle. Shallow 9 x 7 mm chip to the trade mark side. 5 x 3 mm chip to the base edge. Dull, scuffs and scratches but not too many deep marks. Inclusion in the lower chamber with 7 x 6 mm fracture just in the surface of the glass. Nice looking bottle. Grade: N/A Estimate: $60 - 80
Antique Codd Marble Soft Drink Bottles
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